Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Raising minimum Wage?

There's a campaign to raise the Minimum Wage to a higher Living Wage, but also speculation that the government might freeze or cut it.

How generous is our minimum wage, currently £6.19 an hour for those aged 21 and over, compared to other countries? In fact we're in the top third of the league in the EU.

The European Commission comparison is here, everything converted into euros.

It says Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, Ireland (8.65 euro) and France are above us. But Spain, Portugal, Greece and the East European countries are below - along with the United States.

There's no statutory minimum wage in Germany, Austria, Italy, Sweden or Norway.

File:MW EUR January 2013.png
Source: European Commission

Here's the Low Pay Commission's guide to the UK minimum wage.

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