Monday, 8 April 2013

Inclined to speak my mind, occasionally to nag

Mrs T. quotes from first speech to Tory Conference as leader 12th October, 1979

We did not become the workshop of the world by being the nation with the most strikes.

Our people seem to have lost belief in the balance between production and welfare. This is the balance that we have got to find. 

Conquering inflation, controlling public spending and cutting taxes are the first three stages of a long journey...

(Europe) We are a committed member of the Community. But that does not mean that we are content with the way all its policies work. 

The hard-pressed British taxpayer will not stand for paying still more in order to reduce the tax bills of our wealthier Community partners.

Apparently I am inclined to speak my mind, even occasionally to nag.

A nation is an extended family. Families go through their hard times; they have to postpone cherished ambitions until they have the means to satisfy them.

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