Friday, 9 June 2017

DUP Manifesto gutted

The Personal Tax Allowance.  In Parliament, we will support proposals to further increase the personal allowance.

The DUP supports continued increases in the National Living Wage.

The DUP will support the maintenance of the pensions ‘triple lock’; and support an end to the unfair treatment of women pensioners.

We will support efforts to better control energy bills and will seek to ensure any such measure operates in Northern Ireland. 

Some parties have once again placed universal benefits like the winter fuel allowance in their sights. The DUP will resist any assault on these important universal benefits. 

We will also pursue: the abolition of Air Passenger Duty; and a cut in the VAT rate for tourism businesses.

Corporation Tax: reducing Northern Ireland’s Corporation Tax rate to at least 12.5%.

The DUP will fight hard at Westminster for a Budget settlement that allows for real terms increases in health and education spending over the next parliamentary term

On Brexit:
Frictionless border with Irish Republic assisting those working or travelling in the other jurisdiction Progress on new free trade deals with the rest of the world
Comprehensive free trade and customs agreement with the European Union 
Business to retain competiveness and not face additional costs
Jurisdiction of European Court of Justice ended and greater control over our laws restored