Thursday, 23 June 2011

Save us from rip-off card charges and internet nasties

Protection is on the way against credit card rip-off charges and nasty surprises over your internet purchases.

New European Union consumer law will restrict the surcharges, slapped on by traders if you dare to use a card, to the cost of processing the payment.

Goods bought over the internet will be returnable within 14 calendar days, up from 7 working days.

And surprise additional payments when you come to pay for something over the net, those expensive pre-ticked boxes which you never saw - you'll be entitled to a refund if you are stung.

The new protections are on the way, but they are still far off.

Euro MPs have just voted them in. But the Council of Ministers has to approve and implementation at the national level could take two years.

And will the measures be watered down over that period? Not clear yet.

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