Monday, 13 June 2011

How many PPI claimants are trying it on?

Banking insiders are suggesting an interesting reason that Lloyds Banking Group is not following Barclays' lead on PPI compensation.

You remember that Barclays caught other banks on the hop this morning by promising no quibble payouts to tens of thousands of complainants.

These were the ones whose cases had been on hold during the months of court wrangling over how thorough the banks would have to be in identifying cases of misselling.

Lloyds says it will be handling all complaints consistently, regardless of when they were received. In other words, everyone gets treated in the same way.

And -- here's the interesting bit -- it's been suggested to me that 20% of the complaints Lloyds receives may be from people who didn't buy Payment Protection Policies from Lloyds.

Most probably come via claims management firms and at least some of the claimants could be trying it on. That's what some bankers think, anyway.

The Lloyds line is that you have to establish how valid complaints are before paying out money willy nilly.

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