Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Caring can be a struggle

Here's a flavour of messages which have come in from carers. Some get the £55 a week Carer's Allowance. Some don't.


I'm a carer. Gave up my job to look look after my mum, who has alzheimers and dementia and other illnesses, and my dad who has heart problems and my husband who does not keep well either.

Some times I can go days with out sleep if my mum is having a bad time and doesn't want to sleep.

I worked out that I work 168 hours a week for the crap sum of Carer's Allowance of 33p an hour or £55.55 a week, with sometimes only 6 hours off. Even then I'm still on call with my phone in case I'm needed.

We wouldn't take a job for 33p and hour. Whatever happened to a minimum wage for all of us carers?


I care for my Mum of 88 years and have been for nearly 6 years.

I work part time in my local library but do not qualify for Carer's Allowance, as I earn too much . How much do I earn? About £10 per hour.

No free prescriptions for me either. The only benefit that I have had has been from a very kind council grant to purchase a new washing machine for which I am most grateful.

I took this job as it was close to my home but can only work part time because of my caring duties.

No tax credits for me. Little freedom. But I love my Mum, so what can I do?

The government wants us to work but how about some help for those who actually do contribute to our society saving billions for our country?

Let's have some fairness, please.


I have been a carer for my 16 year old son for all his life.

My husband lost his job in October, so I have gone on income support. But that means I lose my Carer's Allowance.

What right has the government to treat Carer's Allowance as an income?

It's an insult to all us carers. I would like to see the Government get a carer for £55 a week!


Carer's Allowance stops when you draw a pension. My mother has cared for me all my life, but her allowance was stopped when she got her pension.  

She still cares for me and gets nothing for it.

She was told she could have one or the other.  To rub salt in the wound the DWP send her literature saying 'you could claim' this, knowing full well they will reject her claim.

PS I have changed the names.

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  1. Many carers do not even receive carers allowance and what they do they do out of love.
    Family unpaid carers are often forgotten by society and left to get on with their job behind closed doors. They become invisible.
    They have to struggle to find the correct benefits on top of having to find medical help for the person they care for.
    They get worn down and they feel isolated.