Thursday, 19 May 2011

Cashing in on coin machines

After my happy discovery that I can get rid of jars full of coppers and silver at Sainsbury's robot tills, here's more on the coin machines you can use to avoid paying a fee.

1. Supermarket robot tills.

In Sainsbury, and others, you throw in your piles of change and the machine counts it all for you and uses the money to pay for your groceries.

And if there isn't enough, you can put a card in to pay the difference. No cost.

2. Coin machines in banks.

HSBC has 90 of them. It's not many, considering they have 1,300 branches, but at least they are there.

Barclays has 13, including a new one in Piccadilly, London. You have to phone to check which branches have them.

London's new Metro Bank has them too. Anyone know of any others?

The usual procedure is that you enter your card, then throw in loads of coins and the total is credited to your account. No cost.

3. Coinstar.

This company has hundreds coin machines in the main supermarkets, charging a fee of 8.9p per pound counted.

They give you a voucher to pay for goods at the till, or redeem for cash.

This is the costly route. They say a customer in Sydenham in Kent put in £5,677. By my calculation the fee would have been £505.

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