Thursday, 3 March 2011

Emergency money - where to get it

News that Crisis Loans from the Social Fund are to be restricted prompts me to lay out a list of the emergency money that you can apply for in extreme need.

Community Care Grant
£30+, no maximum.
To help care for someone but also to ease exceptional pressures on you or your family, for example, if the lack of an essential item is causing you stress or affecting the health of your children. Need to be on means-tested benefit.

Sure Start maternity grant
Up to £500, if on benefit and have no other children under 16.

Funeral Payment
Burial, cremation fees + up to £700
If on benefit and nothing available from the estate.

Budgeting loan
£100- £1,500 interest free
For furniture and household equipment, clothing and footwear . If already on means-tested benefit.

Crisis loans
Up to £1,500 interest free.
For an emergency or disaster. If it is the only way that you can avoid serious damage or risk to the health or safety of you or a member of your family. And you have no other way to pay.
Today we heard these would no longer be available for items such as cookers and beds,
although there will be support for those affected by floods.

More information from DirectGov

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