Monday, 7 March 2011

Brace! Brace! Tax impact coming

Whatever happens in the Budget in a fortnight's time, plenty of tax and benefit changes are already set to be implemented in April. Tick them off as they arrive...

National Insurance. Employees pay 12%, an extra 1%.

Threshold for 40% tax. Reduced from £43,875 to £42,475, dragging 750,000 onto the higher rate.

Duty on alcohol. Up by inflation plus 2%. Possible 5p on a pint.

Tax credits. Faster reduction as earnings rise.

Benefits and tax credits increased by CPI not the higher RPI.

Baby element of Child Tax Credit, worth £545, is removed.

£500 Sure Start maternity grant restricted to one child.

5% stamp duty on £1m homes.

Inheritance tax threshold frozen at £325,000.

Child benefit rates frozen.

Fuel duty, the one to watch in the Budget.
Rise of inflation +1% is pencilled in. But expect some or all of it to be postponed.

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