Friday, 27 April 2018

Where was Pester?

Me: You are the highly paid chief executive of this organisation. Where were you yesterday?

Pester: Yesterday I was working with our teams. I've worked solidly for the last 48 hours trying to get to the bottom of these issues.
We have teams working 24 by 7 and I love talking to you, Simon. I love talking to the BBC. But my customers are a lot more important.

Have you spoken to any customers? Did you speak to any customers yesterday?

I've tweeted to all our customers today. I spoke to customers who felt they had a data issue yesterday, which turned out to be incorrect.
I've written to all those customers, so yes I've been speaking to customers rather than speaking to the press.

Customers clearly felt abandoned by you yesterday. And today and yesterday you were nowhere to be seen.

Yesterday I was working with our customers, Simon. To me our customers are much more important than the press, so I'm sorry I wasn't able to speak to you yesterday but my focus was on looking after our 5 million customers.

But how many current account customers did you speak to yesterday?

I've written to all of our customers who have been affected by these issues, yesterday.

(This was on Tuesday at 11.30am)

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