Thursday, 26 January 2017

Top cash machine providers

Here's the pecking of the of the biggest operators of free cash machines. It shows how the balance of power has changed. Independent ATM companies occupy two of the top three places. They're the ones outside supermarkets, railway stations and many garages and convenience stores. It means that banks have to pay them 25p a time if their customers find themselves at a shop and want to take out some cash. With so many cash withdrawals now being made at convenient spots where people happen to be shopping or travelling, it means banks are having to pay large sums to other ATM operators - and some bankers don't like it.

10,387 free cash machines - Cardtronics (Independent)
8,127                                     RBS/NatWest
5,821                                     Note Machine (Independent)
4,948                                     Lloyds/Halifax/Bank of Scotland
4,019                                     Barclays

In fact non-bank "independents" operate 2 in every 5 free cash machines.

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