Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Travel insurance after Brussels attacks

In general travel insurance policies do not cover the transport disruption caused by terrorist acts. Here is what the Association of British Insurers says today:

"Travel insurance policies are designed and priced to cover non-refundable cancellation costs in specific circumstances.

Typically these will include cancellation due to medical reasons, being made redundant, called up for jury service. Speak to your travel provider, tour operator or travel agent for advice.

While cancellation due to terrorist acts is not usually covered:

- Some policies may cover you if you cancel due to Government advice against travel
- If you make alternative travel arrangements away from the affected region, then you can usually transfer your travel insurance to cover your new destination.

While some travel policies may exclude terrorist acts, this would not usually apply to any claims for emergency medical treatment or personal injury claims that would be covered in the normal way."

The insurance brokers' trade body, BIBA, points out that some policies do not exclude terrorist acts, including its own version, designed for brokers to sell.

In those cases, baggage, personal accident, delay and cancellation would be included in the cover.

However, no insurer will compensate holidaymakers who decide against going on a trip because of a worrying event, when their means of travel hasn't been affected.

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