Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Free wi-fi at the bank

Free public wi-fi is spreading like wildfire across UK banks, as bankers try to harness the power of mobile internet to keep customers happy.

RBS and NatWest have just revealed that all their 2,000 branches will offer free wi-fi by the end of the summer, for customers and anyone else who happens to be in a branch or in range.

Yesterday HSBC launched wi-fi hotspots in 650 of its branches. Barclays already has them in 1,600 outlets.

The RBS group has been trying out wi-fi in 800 locations, to give customers the option of downloading banking apps and managing their accounts on the move.

Some technology experts have warned that users need to be on their guard against cyber thieves who use open connections to steal personal information.

RBS said its service was safe and protected. However, customers needed to be alert to the danger of thieves setting up wi-fi hotspots purporting to be from the bank.

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