Thursday, 14 November 2013

Will fixed rate energy customers get reduced bills?

Update here.

There's a big debate over who should foot the bill for insulation and energy-saving measures under ECO (the Energy Company Obligation).

Up until now the suppliers have had to pay, passing the cost to customers -- adding around £90 to the energy bill.

But after the recent outcry over energy prices, those same suppliers now expect the Chancellor to shift the cost to taxpayers, with the news expected in 5th December's Autumn Statement (shouldn't it be the Winter Statement?).

EDF put up its prices by less than the others, saying it was assuming the Chancellor would lighten the burden. Other companies have said they'll scale back the price hikes they have already announced.

But millions of customers are on fixed price deals. The prices they pay are not supposed to change, raising the risk that they might not benefit from the heralded cut in bills.

Well, I hear from npower today that they will pass on any price reductions to fixed rate customers, even though -- according to the small print -- they don't have to.

Will the other suppliers do the same? They won't want to look like Christmas Scrooges, will they?

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