Tuesday, 1 October 2013

RBS boss pledges change

The new chief executive of taxpayer-owned RBS, the New Zealander Ross McEwan, has pledged to transform customer service at the once-stricken bank and to pay back taxpayers who rescued it 5 years ago.

RBS had to be bailed out in the financial crisis. During its painful rehab period it has faced a series of embarrassments including involvement in mis-selling scandals and last year's breakdown of cash machines and payment systems.

On the day he replaced Stephen Hester at the helm of the bank, Mr McEwan told RBS staff:

"We are just too difficult to deal with in too many situations. I've seen that in the retail bank where the systems and lack of training and development have really hindered. We need to take those barriers away so we can start to serve out customers well."

"Five years ago the people of the UK put their hands in their pockets through the government to save us. We should never forget that obligation. That means that we have a higher standard that we have to live by than any other bank in the UK."

"We need to be part of the recovery and we need to repay the taxpayers for their faith in this organisation. They have massive expectations. So the grizzling and the problems that we see that they through at us are actually their frustrations with us. They are the frustrations that we haven't paid the money back, that we haven't done a good enough job for them as customers."

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