Thursday, 15 November 2012

Card insurance mis-selling

This is the really sneaky part of the mis-selling of card protection policies by insurance firm CPP, with the apparent connivance of certain leading banks - known as CPP's "business partners".

Here's extract from the FSA's findings:

Some business partners “introduced” their customers to CPP by affixing a sticker to the new credit or debit cards sent to their customers. The sticker prompted the customer to call a number (which was actually CPP’s) either:
to activate the card, known as “card activation”; or
to confirm that the customer had received the card, known as “safe receipt”.
When the customer did call the number CPP also used the conversation to offer Card Protection and/or Identity Protection.

CPP sold the policies directly to hundreds of thousands of people, the banks to several million (making 4.4m policies in all).

If you're worried that you might have been mis-sold a card protection policy or identity theft insurance, either by CPP or by your bank, you could wait to be contact by them.

CPP is about to start contacting the the ones it sold to directly.

Or you could make a complaint directly to your bank or to CPP. Then they'll have to deal with it.

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