Saturday, 12 May 2012

Stay-at-home parents can get their pension

It's a silly mistake from the Telegraph in its lead story today, and misleading, to say:

"At the moment, people who do not work for 30 years do not qualify for the full basic state pension."

In fact, you get national insurance credits if you are looking after a child under 12 -- or if you can't do paid work for various other reasons.

And under the old system of Home Responsibilities Protection, you could qualify for up to 22 years of contributions towards the state pension  -- for parenting.

It's not to say that the new flat-rate pension won't help.

Under the old system and the current one, there's a serious risk that parents, especially mothers, don't qualify for the full pension.

But it's wrong to say that they couldn't qualify for it up until now. 

National Insurance Credits

Qualifying for state pension

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