Thursday, 8 December 2011

HSBC mis-sells to 83 year-olds...update

HSBC will look at mis-selling complaints back to 1991...

HSBC has announced that it will consider mis-selling complaints from elderly customers and their families, arising from before its takeover of the scandal-hit advice firm, NHFA, in 2005.

The move opens the way for thousands more claims for compensation.

Three days ago the Financial Services Authority fined HSBC £10.5m for mis-selling investment bonds designed to cover care homes fees.

The bank said then that it was likely to shell out an additional £29m in compensation. Now the bill looks set to grow.

NHFA had 11,000 customers while it was owned by HSBC, of whom 2,485 were possible victims of the poor advice.

Today the bank said it would accept complaints going back to 1991, during which time NHFA dealt with another 9,000 customers.

There is no indication of the extent of mis-selling during that period. Many of the victims are likely to have died, so HSBC will take complaints from surviving family members.

Customers who signed up from April 2004 will receive letters from HSBC and don't need to take any action.

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