Thursday, 29 September 2011

The tricks scamsters use to find you

My report on the rip-offs perpetrated on the elderly and disabled by some doorstep traders might raise this question in some minds: how do they know who to target and which doors to knock on?

Well here are some answers...

1. They look for telltale signs outside the house, such as grab rails or walking sticks.

2. They look at the electoral roll for names from a bygone era, such as Vera, Frank or May. Then they visit or phone.

3. They trade lists of likely names - suckers lists - with co-conspirators in the pub.

4. Some leave symbols outside houses to indicate to other scamsters whether the occupant is worth a try - bit like these. It could be a mark on the gatepost or a wall indicating that there is a single female inside, or a wealthy person or a good prospect.

Scary, isn't it?

What it means is that vulnerable people need to take special care not to let anyone in whom they don't know.

Relatives and friends should take note and help.

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