Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Cut home insurance with one phone call

I dread the renewal letter from the insurance company for my home insurance policy. It was £780 this time for home and contents.

So I rang around and looked on the internet. I kept getting higher quotes.

Moneysupermarket says today that some postcodes have seen particular painful increases. Dorking is up 46% since the beginning of last year.

Who knows what thefts or landslips have afflicted Dorking? The centre of Edinburgh and Milngavie, Glasgow, are up over 40% as well.

Hemel Hempstead is up 36%; Hull is up 29%.

Then I discovered that one phone call could take £100 off my home insurance quote.

I rang up my current provider and said: "This premium is just too much. It's up £200 on last year. Can't you reduce it somehow?"

And they did!

They found a "special discount", to keep me on board.

Many people would be incensed to discover that their insurer can afford to provide a much cheaper policy, but chooses to pull the wool over their eyes.

But the lesson is simple: just ask.

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