Thursday, 3 February 2011

Motion to cap PayDay loans

Stella Creasy's motion in the House of Commons today to put caps on the cost of payday lending:

 "That this House notes with alarm recent evidence showing a fourfold increase in the use of payday lending since the beginning of the recession and that high cost credit lenders advanced approximately £7.5 billion to low and middle income consumers in 2008 alone; recognises the problems of financial exclusion, lack of financial and debt management education, lack of price competitiveness in the unsecured lending market and the near monopoly positions of many large lenders which contribute to the high costs of borrowing; considers that without action these factors could worsen family debt, poverty and financial difficulties to the detriment of the economic recovery; therefore calls upon the Government to introduce *measures to increase access to affordable credit; urges regulators to consider putting* in place a range of caps on prices in areas of the market in unsecured lending which are non price-competitive, likely to cause detriment to consumers or where there is evidence of irresponsible practice; and believes that such caps should take account of the desirability of maintaining access to affordable and responsible credit, the likely impact on the supply of credit and the cost of enforcement, that they should be regularly reviewed and that they should use the total cost of credit, calculated on a yearly basis, to ensure that lender avoidance and distortions in price are prevented."

**amended text between the stars

What happens if the motion is passed? The Department for Business (BIS) tells me debate will be treated the same as any other debate. So, according to them, if the vote passes, it is up to Stella Creasy to lead it through the house.

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