Monday, 17 January 2011

Secret dragon

Rudolf Elmer ran the Cayman Islands branch of a Swiss bank and while he was there he began to get suspicious about people using the Islands as a place to escape tax. Did he really not know before? Anyway, he was the one who passed 2 disks with details of 2,000 cases to WikiLeaks today. Here is his unusual comment:

"I was in the Cayman Islands and there was a kind of a mousetail.
I started to pull on it a bit and it got bigger. It looked like a dragon tail.
I went back to Switzerland. I started to pull on it more. I didn't stop and it got bigger and bigger.
It became a dragon, a fire-breathing dragon with several heads.
And one of the heads was the bank, one was the Swiss press, then the prosecutor. And all were after me and my family to put pressure on us."

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